Dennis Pharma

Dennis Pharma

DENNIS PHARMA KOZMETIK SANAYİ ve TİC. A.Ş. with its experience, superior service understanding and expert staff, it has started to produce Cleaning, Cosmetics, Personal Care and Baby Care products with its own brands, taking into account the demands from foreign markets.

With the Nature&More brand; Natural Soaps, Liquid Soaps, Hair Care Products, Serums, Creams, Body Lotions and sprays;

With the Sun&More brand; Sunscreen products, Tanning products;

With the Baby&More brand; Baby shampoos, baby lotions, baby oils and baby-specific hygiene products such as dishwashing detergent;

With the Deep Bright Brand; Detergents, Softeners, Surface cleaners, Spray cleaners etc. manufactures.

Taking the management and product quality one step further with each passing day, Dennis Pharma's world-class documents and certificates (ISO 9001 - 2008 / ISO 14001 - 2004 / ISO 10002 / GMP / ECOLABEL / ECOMARK ) show the importance it gives to its employees, customers, environment and brands.

With the principle of mutual trust and cooperation, Dennis Pharma, which is responsible for the titles and reputations of its customers, carries out its operations with its qualified and professional team within the framework of honesty, integrity and transparency.

Dennis Pharma
Dennis Pharma


Sets out what we want to be: To be a world-class producer of FMCG products, renowned for our great people, our great service, and our great results.


Access to the highest quality of hygiene and wellness is not a privilege. This is a right. It is our struggle for everyone to reach this service with the knowledge and products we produce.


Dennis Pharma embodies experience, intelligence and entrepreneurship and moves forward with investments and perfectionist points of views to create diversification.

Dennis Pharma
20 Years Of Brilliant History
2k Committed Employees
1k Variety of Products
400 Active Representatives